Fishing Bear Lodge was hand built by its owners. We are a small family operated fly-in lodge catering to a maximum of eight guests per week. Our unique wilderness location is in the Wood-Tikchik State Park and gives our guests unparalleled access and opportunity to share in Alaska's most diverse river and stream fly fishing. 

The main dining lodge has an atmosphere of relaxed, friendly comfort. During your stay the place is yours to enjoy. Out on the front deck you can relax, visit and share tales of adventure. Inside a variety of teas and coffee are always available to go with some of Alaska’s best homemade cookies. You can enjoy the cozy warmth of the woodstove while reading, tying flies, or visiting.

Your comfortable personal waterfront sleeping cabin is built of spruce and cedar. Cabins have propane lights and heat. Cabins have two single beds with warm cover blankets, chairs, table, clothing shelves, art work, decorative candles and floor rugs. The bathroom facility has flush toilets, sink and mirror. The shower house has an endless supply of on demand hot water for a great shower after an incredible day of adventure.

Note: The lodge can provide sleeping bags or you may bring in your own sleeping bag or sheets. They provide clean cover blankets and plenty of warm blankets. You should bring your own towel. If you would like additional padding for your bed, please ask.

Fishing Bear offers a high value lodge experience
with just the right amount of "roughing it". Taking a maximum of eight guests each week allow's for a highly personalized experience. 


We start each day with a hearty breakfast. Lunches are served streamside. We’ll take a break from our busy fishing schedule to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and a fine shore lunch.

At dinner Fishing Bear Lodge has a tradition of incredible dining fare. All meat entrees are prepared on the outdoor grill nightly. Superb fresh salads and home made breads are served with every dinner along with a variety of side dishes and desserts. We promise you will gain weight and have fun doing it!

Shore dinners will be grilled and served out on the river during several evenings. Nothing tastes better than a hot shore dinner at 6:00 pm with four more hours of late evening dry fly fishing to go for big Rainbows!

We hope you will join us. It’s as good as it gets!